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    “Nothing can be more important than being able to choose the way we think.”









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Thought for the Day

July 7

If thou shouldst say, “It is enough, I have reached perfection,” all is lost. For it is the function of perfection to make one know one’s imperfection.
   – Saint Augustine

Among my acquaintances on the Blue Mountain in South India was a Britisher who had climbed many of the higher peaks of the Himalayas. One day he confided to me the feeling of exhilaration he felt on reaching the summit of Annapurna, and standing there in awe in the eternal snows. “Then,” he added, “you know, old boy, while I gazed out over that magnificent scene, snow-topped mountains as far as the eye could see, the question just popped into my mind: Which peak will be next?” He just couldn’t rest on his laurels; he had to keep climbing. That is what gave meaning to his life.

It is the same in meditation. We shouldn’t look forward to the day when we plant our flag on the mountain peak and then retire to a life of tedious leisure. Every time we reach a peak, we will feel a legitimate sense of satisfaction; but at the same time a new and more glorious mountain will probably be beckoning us from the far horizon. That is the glory of living. That is the joy of the spiritual ascent.

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